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Why can't we build peace in the name of justice

Will I also go to jail if I tell the truth?

When I have lost balance,

life helps me restore balance.

Textbook about returting

to the child

If you continue walking this path, you will see the light

When I first saw the moon I knew:

Our world is full of wonders

Does every life have a happy ending?

When I took a rest I could I could mourn for you for the first time.

The flying whale taught me to dedicate my imagination to my dreams

There is a deeper meaning in every encounter and separation." The cherry blossoms taught me.

Respect my free choice,

as my free choice

World peace

is my choice

When I saw your smile, I was convinced "The earth‘s future will be wonderful."

We just told

each other our stories.

A world without end of childhood

Let‘s live this time. There is something we can pass on to the next generation.

learned the N-word earlier than the word flower.

Pink Butterfly

They called Grandpa an 'Unhuman' because he didn't want to fight in war.

Free of judgement

Outside he is a terrorist.

Inside he is a crying child

The reflection of my soul that always believed in me

Transform anger

When will this gray cloud of racism disappear?

We are all made of the same material and come from the same origin.

What does your inner compass feel?

Wisdom is in your heart

The only safety in life is


The tree my role model

Tears clean the window to your heart

I spread water for the next generation of thorny roses

Grandpa, your granddaughter is here

Dad, why do people fight?

Are also children dying in wars?

Turning back to nature

Aren‘t we here to shine like the stars in the sky?

Can I pray for you?

My vision is higher than the skykraper

Nature lets go by itself.

Call me by my name

I feel everything will turn allright in the end

No soul gets lost

Longing for diversity

Mom, everything will be ok. There are many colorful angels behind you.

Will we open our mind for the possibility that this warzone will flourish again?

Listen to your heart

I love you my body

I want to live

Will we open our mind for the possibility that this warzone will flourish again?

Ocean's third eye

May the weaker ones also survive?

Life always goes on

Dance in the shoes of your dreams

The beauty of the human soul that shows herself despite fear

Mom, I have come to renew your life

My ideal death

I have forgotten my heart. But my heart has never forgotten me.

The recognition of greyzones leads to peace.

I really wanted this princess doll

Forgiveness leads darkness

to light

I let go of everything that

does not belong to me.

The moon softly illuminated the shadows inside me

She believed in freedom

All humans are created equal.

The surprise guest at the wedding

I develop compassion for myself

Let unconditional self-love be your foundation

When I decided to go the way of my heart, a strange passer-by greeted me and raised her thumb.

The place of healing in my heart

My child was born as a perfect being

Mom, can we give money to this man?

On Christmas Eve the snowman was my only friend

I open my heart again

The air outside smelled of hope

Grandpa could only paint a sad soldier

My face of Islam

My true being

Creation makes no mistakes

There is a great vision for your life


Let's look forward together

Transformation is easy

Mom, I will leave you a diamond

You are the key to everything

Grandpa only wanted toplay violine

God loves you unconditionally

Tired of hating people

Be the change you wish to see in this world.

Life is all about love

The mud was my nutrient for my gold

You do not need to get rid of all the dust of your past to fly into the light.

We are all one.

We are all equal.

Reconciliation with transience

People can get more excited

My greatest teacher

I just want to be myself

Don't die with the music still in you (Dr. Wayne Dyer)

You do not need to be a white dove to become the messanger for peace

There is no criticism in the presence of Jesus.

Be your gate to happyness

Faith and Dedication

He likes to talk about faith

Live your life. That is why you are here, isnt‘t it?

Your joy is the peace on earth

I did not become a father.

But I could become a grandfather.

The wish for peace that surrounds us


I will always protect

my sibling

We are already enlightened

I do not want to see suffering any more.

Consolation was always there

She is ok. She is with me.

When I start to be myself

Fatherlove stops war

Wisdom is in your heart

Grandpa could only cry in the dark

Dare to make the first step. You have wings that carry you.

Life is a drean. You can decide which dream you live.

Humility towards life

The stars prophesied a wonderful future for me.

There is abundant supply of everything.

If you share it, it multiplies.

They have tried to hide us.

But we flourished.

My heart is meant to fly free

We should no more crucify masters.



Live according to your nature

Focus and joy

Before birth

Be the leader of the spring

Gratitude towards the ancestors

Autumn flower makes the first step

The Awakening

Show yourself!

You will find that what you are longing for in your heart.

Your are surrounded by light

Connection to your higher self

Tree of the whole

The donation

Connection to the child in you

Butterfly-Symbol of transformation

Every human being has its unique beauty. The society tends to specify ideal beauty. But the plan of nature is not that we all look the same. We are all different. Just like the butterfly we human beings can be proud of our  unique combination of colors and can follow our unique mission that only we are able to fullfill in this world. Für mich steht die Farbe Blau für das neue Bewusstsein. Das Bewusstsein der neuen Zeit, wo man die Erde respektiert. Wo jeder sein einzigartiges Talent in die Welt trägt und  sowohl innerlich als auch äußerlich ein erfülltes Leben führt. Die Farbe Grün verkörpert für mich das Bewusstsein im hier und jetzt. Oft bedauern wir Dinge in der Vergangenheit oder machen uns Sorgen um die Zukunft. Dabei ist das hier und jetzt alles was wir haben. Wenn wir beginnen uns dem gegenwärtigen Moment hin zu geben und ihn zu genießen, sagt das Leben zu dir: Willkommen im Leben!

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